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Our Schools

Our District serves two schools:

Yavapai County High School & Aspire High School

Yavapai Accommodation School District provides educational opportunities to 9th thru 12th grade students.  Our district and schools are designed for students who are experiencing academic or behavioral issues in traditional settings or students who are at risk of not completing their education.  We welcome students returning to high school after dropping out or are in poor academic or attendance standing.  Emancipated teens and pregnant/parenting teens and juvenile probationers are also welcome.

Yavapai Accommodation School District is specifically designed to provide the greatest opportunity for academic success for all students.  We offer basic skills education through small group and individualized instruction with an emphasis on independent study.  Small class enrollment gives students an opportunity for close tutorial assistance from the academic faculty.  Computer assisted instruction allows for individualized class work and course work is designed to provide the student relevant and practical life applications.  Experiential learning is available for students through elective courses.

Support services provide the personal assistance students frequently need to get through the day.  Emphasis is placed on integrating counseling into the general curriculum to provide services to the student and family both on the school campus and through linking students and families with community services. 


Opening the door to our future by providing students with knowledge and skills to succeed in the ever changing global environment.


Create accommodations that don’t fit in standard schools by providing individualized; relevant education in a safe, small, and independent thinking environment.  Our spectrum of academics for the individual need of students enable them to graduate and be career ready.


1.  Students will improve their written communication skills.

2.  Students will make responsible decisions to develop educational and career goals.

3.  Students will demonstrate improved personal and social responsibility.

4.  The community will be well informed and actively involved in the school.

Contact Yavapai County High School

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6325 Baja Circle
Prescott Valley, Arizona 86314

Contact YASD

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Contact Aspire High School

Phone     (928) 759-8126
Fax     (928) 759-8136

2972 Centerpointe East Dr
Prescott, AZ 86301